The Northern Kingdoms

“….Thou shalt give unto thine glorious liege the taxes that he requires….Thou shalt labour all but feast days…..And no more than a tenth-share shall you keep for kith and kin….Rejoice! For a Knight of the Sun provides your shield”

The vast, open steppe and mighty rivers, between the Arctic of the North, the Ocean of the East, the endless forests and hills of the west and the mountains of the south forms the lands of the Northern Kingdoms. Scattered towns and castles dot the realm and vast fields of grain sway under the sun, harvested by the countless serfs that live under protection of the knights and kings that rule these lands.

Khachek riders patrol these lands, watching for Varjanii warbands and ensuring the laws and customs of the nobility are enforced amongst the populace.

Making up the vast majority of the population, the serfs live a life of harsh toil under the sun to feed the upper class and provide the shipments of grain sent to the Elven Ark cities that are exchanged for gold and iron to equip the lords and knights who guard their lives during the winter months.

The Northern Kingdoms

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