Kingdoms, Empires and Factions

Varjanii Tribes
Barbaric tribes of the tundra and forests of the arctic wastes and shattered isles, who lead frequent trade and raiding expeditions from the decks of their longships.

The Northern Kingdoms
Petty Kingdoms that rules the Northern Steppe and plains, highly devout followers of the Saint and her Blessed

The Dominion of the Sun
A Regency ordained by the Hand of Light that rules the Dominion, a divided kingdom rife with infighting between noble families.

The Southern Leagues
A series of cities founded to exploit the wealth of the southern jungles, who often find themselves at war with each other and outsiders who wish to gain their hoarded riches.

The Thenai City States
City states that reside on the eastern islands, worshiping the Pantheon of the Stars, who value independence above all.

Elven Empire
The Ark cities of the Elves across the Eastern Sea

Dwarven Holds
The Fortresses of the Dwarves and their mountainous lands

Kingdoms, Empires and Factions

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